Monday, August 28, 2017

Half-time Pics


Buenas tardes! This was another great week in the life of Elder Poll and Elder Rios. We have been havin lots of success finding new investigators and inviting them to church as well as inviting the older investigators to come to church with us. I feel like We have seen lots of miracles in these few weeks that Elder Rios and I have been together.  We have learned so much from eachother and have helped one another grow spiritually. I love this place!

This week was also Stake Conference here in Colonia Dublán, and Elder Evans, my comp that is from Layton, and I were given a super cool and super difficult assignment. In our Stake there is a Ward that speaks only English, so they really have no idea what anyone is saying during the whole conference, and I guess because I have the best Spanish of the zone, I got to translate the whole conference to them with a little microphone and headset and everything. It was super fun! I have to admit my English has pretty much gone down the drain and that is why Elder Evans came with me, so that there were 2 Gringos and to make sure we didnt mess up too badly hah. It was a tough experience but I think we did alright and the English speakers were able to understand everything más o menus. 

Other than that, it has been a pretty good week, I got a sweet package from my family for making it (in 2 days) to the half-way point in the mission. I cant believe that I am already halfway done with my mission, and I wish that I had 2 more years to keep serving the Lord in this way... but I dont.. I only have one year left, so we are gonna do all we can to make it a great one!

Love you all so much ! 
Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Jason Poll

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


That is just about all I have felt this week, I really do love the mission. I feel like I am learning and growing everyday and becoming a better person. I love the people, the country, the language, my missionary calling, everything. I am so grateful for our Savior and for the example that He is for us. He is everything, and because of Him we have everything.

This week was pretty good, we have been working with an incredible family, and they were going to get baptized this week, but have been facing lots of difficulties with the divorce of the husband´s first marriage so that they can get married and be baptized, and we are going to have to wait another little while to be able to baptize them. 

They are all so excited and motivated about the Gospel, and already love to serve and help in the Church. The husband, Jorge, has been struggling financially. He just resigned from his job because they treated him unfairly because he has tatoos, but still has a machine to clean carpets, interiors of cars, couches, everything, so has been starting his own car wash business and cleaning business, and we have all seen many blessings come from their obedience to the commandments. 

This week we even went to the church early Thursday morning to help him clean some of the chairs in the chapel.. for free... as service.. even though they are financially struggling right now. We cleaned like 60 in a couple of hours, and he told us that he would return Friday with his family to do the rest. Friday night we lended them the keys of the church, and Jorge and his wife, Perla and the daughters  Michele, Brisa and Britany, went and cleaned the other 240 chairs in the Sacrament Room. 

They arent even members yet, and are facing lots of challenges, but are so willing to serve and help others. They stayed in the church until 10:30 PM cleaning those chairs. A true example of service, faith and trust in the Lord and His plan.

I think my message this week would have to be about service. It is something so important that we often overlook, but is a pivotal part of the Gospel and enduring to the end. I was reading Jacob 5 this week in the Book of Mormon, and the Lord is really depending on us to help him in the vineyard in these last days to prepare the earth for His second coming. May we all serve selflessly, with a willing heart and a big smile in order to help those around us, and help edify the kingdom of God upon the earth.

Thank you all for your love, support and prayers. Have a great week!

We went and played some fusbol and pool today for P-day, the only pics I have this week.
Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Jason Poll

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Praying and Pushing Forward Pics

Praying and Pushing Forward

This week was great! We had a lot of success as a district, and have seen a lot of progress. The sister missionaries had a baptism this week and the investigator, Ramon, lives in a little pueblito outside of Casas Grandes called Enriquez, so we had a fun adventure going to the little town to the baptismal interview. He is about 80 years old, and doesnt hear or see and barely walks, so I had to yell the questions in his ear so that he hear and answer me haha. After the interview he asked me to give a talk in his baptism, and he asked my companion to baptize him haha, it really suprised us because we werent expecting it, so we took some of our investigators with us, and it was a nice experience.

Sunday was a day full of miracles. We had plans for 10 investigators to join us at church this week, which was a crazy goal, because we only had 7 last week, and they were almost all of the investigators that we had, but we put the goal as 10 and went with it. Sunday morning, after a week of hard work, nobody was answering their phones, our investigators had to downtown and werent going to have time to come with us, and the brother that was going to help us with a ride for our investigators hadnt answered us in 2 days. 

Honestly we kind of lost hope and faith, but decided to pray and ask God to help us and our investigators, and as we finished the prayer and started getting ready to go to church, the phone started ringing, and our investigators told us that they had returned from downtown and were going to be able to come with us and the other family called us and told us that they would be ready and waiting for us and the ride, and then the brother with the truck called us and told us that he was sorry he hadnt responded but was out of town and had just got back and could help us. After a trial of our faith we made it to church with 9 investigators. 

We hadnt reached the goal, but were happy with the blessings we had recieved, and as we were singing the opening prayer, one of the young women of the ward arrived with her little sister who isnt a member, but we have been teaching to try and get permission to baptize her, and made it 10. We reached the goal of 10 investigators in the capilla and still are so grateful for the blessings, the help of the members, and the efforts of the investigators to be able to join us at church. It was a great day and week.

Thank you all for your prayers for us. I know that God really does listen to us every single time that we pray to Him, and that He really does answer our humble prayers. 
Love you all very much and hope you can all pray a little bit more sincerely and humbly even when it might seem like all has been lost. 

Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll

Monday, August 7, 2017

Heaven on Earth

It might just be because I lived in Juárez for almost a year, but this little pueblito of Nuevo Casas Grandes is like living in a dream. This week has been awesome! Last Tuesday we got an early start and headed to the mission offices to get ready to take the Omnibus from Juárez to Nuevo Casas Grandes. 

Like I said last week, many missionaries went home this week and finished their missions, so I was able to say goodbye to a lot of my good friends and examples that I have had in the mission. It was really sad, but the good thing is that most of them are from Utah, or at least close by, so I will get to see them again. 

We got to the Bus Station at about 1 in the afternoon and had to wait until 3 to be able to load our luggage on and get going. During our wait I was able to make lots of new friends who I had never met before from the mission including Elder (Tyler) Evans who is from Layton Utah and went to Layton High. We even sat next to each other on the bus and talked about all of the mutual friends that we had, our High School Rivalry, and a bunch of other things that we had in common. He is actually my Zone Leader right now, and is goes home in like 3 months, so I will miss him a lot too here in a little bit. 

Also Elder Sanchez and Elder Gray kept us entertained with a bunch of magic/card tricks that they practiced when they were companions, and it was awesome. We had like half of the bus station surrounding us in our little missionary circle watching all of the magic tricks haha.

Here in Alamedas we are in the smallest area of the whole mission, but there is still plenty of work to be done, and lots of investigators who need to get married to be able to be baptized. We have like 3 families who could be baptized tomorrow if the parents were married, so we are going to be working with some of the civil leaders of the town who are going to help us with these investigators. 

In my Zone/Stake their is also a ward of pure Americans who speak English because of the Mormon Colonies here. The sister missionaries in my district had a baptism this week and we were able to go, and it was all in English. When I walked into the Stake Center, instead of hearing "Hola, Elder, ¿qué tal?" I heard "Hey, Elder! How´s it goin?" hahah. It kind of freaked me out, but it is all good. It was a cool experience to have. 

We are having a great time here, we live in a little guest house behind the house of a member, and our yard is beautiful. Everything is green because of the rain, and I really feel like I am at a good point in my mission.

Thank you all for everything. Have a great week.
Con mucho amor.
Elder Cade Poll

also I have a montón de fotos so it could take a while to send them to you