Monday, July 24, 2017

"Umm Elder Peralta.... las llaves se quedaron adentro..."

You will understand the subject a little further on...

Hello friends and family. This week has been challenging but very rewarding as well. We have been battling to find the new investigators after one or two lessons with them they seem to not open the doors or never be home or never answer the phone. It is really stressful, but I guess if they were really chosen by God to hear our message, they would answer us or open the door or at least be home haha. No hay que aguitarse. 

If you guys remember from my last email about Juan and Maria that thanked us for helping them during the time of the loss of Maria's mother, they came to church with us this Sunday and it was awesome! All of the talks in Sacrament Meeting were about the challenges that God gives us in our lives, and why he gives them to us. Afterwards, in the class of "Principios del Evangelio", we really felt the spirit strongly, and I think that the class was very moving for all of us. Juan even shared a "testimony"at the end of the class and thanked our Heavenly Father for introducing him and Maria to "Poll y Peralta" and this Gospel at such a crucial time in their lives, when they needed it most. 

We also had Zone Conference with President Owen this last week and were able to learn many things and feel the spirit.
Yesterday after church, one of my friends/members/second counselor of the bishopric, Marco Tenorio, came with us to visit a few families, and as many of you know, Sundays are about the worst day for missionary work. At least here in Mexico. None of the investigators were acutally home, but we had a great time contacting, telling mission stories, throwing rocks at stray dogs.... a big stray German Shepherd was chasing after a little girl on her bike, so we started to throw rocks at it, and I pegged him in the back end with a laser hahahah it was awesome, I felt like a hero. 

After that we had a lesson with one of my favorite less actives from this ward, the hermana Serrano Perez, and it was awesome. I think I needed the lesson as much as she did. And just about all of us ended up in tears. It was great to have Marco come with us to help us with some contacts and teaching. He gave us a few pointers on how he worked in his mission, and it helped me a lot. He is about 25 and is married and has a kid, so his more mature and expereinced point of view really helped us out.

About the title...Our keys got left inside, and the owner of our house went on vacation to Mazatlan, so I had to break in the only window that doesnt have a cage on it haha. It isnt as high as it looks so dont worry.. I was 100% safe. But yeah I felt bad for leaving them inside hahah.

Love you all so much. Have a great week!

Con mucho amor
Elder Poll

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