Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

This week was and adventure here in Juaritos. It rained super hard a for a few days here, and because we are in the desert, the infrastructure of the city isnt really made to take on a lot of water, so we did some pretty good service this week. 

One day, it was so bad that we stopped what we were doing and I told my companion that we were going to start working. There were a few people digging trenches threw the flooded dirt streets to drain the water out of the patios and driveways of all of the houses, so I grabbed the last spare shovel and started digging. At first I tried not to get to wet or dirty, but then remembered a similar story that one of our counselors in the MTC told us about not worrying about getting dirty, so I forgot about my selfish desires and started to focus on the needs of the other people. 

Everyone seemed very surprised to see us working in the rain and the mud. After we finished with the trenches we noticed that the house of somebody that we had previously contacted (but turned us down hahah)  was flooding because their whole patio was flooded up to the door of their house, and the daughter and dad were battling the water with a few buckets. So we asked if they needed help and they said that they didn't want us to get dirty or wet, and I just told them "No se preocupen, ya nos mojamos al cavar las trincheras" and got to work. The daughter and another one of her friends started to fill the 5 gallon buckets with an old ice cream bucket, and we hauled the 5 gallon buckets... one in each hand... up a little hill on the other side of the road to empty them out into the trenches that we had made. 

It took us about 45 minutes of hauling buckets to get the water to a level below my ankles hahah, and luckily my shoes survived. I honestly had a blast helping them, and kept telling myself this is a story that you are going to be able to write about in your letter this week, and talk about forever. It was very rewarding, and now I think that the family is going to allow us to teach them.

We also had a really powerful experience with some investigators named Maria and Juan Campa. They are super awesome, but about a month ago, before we knew them, Maria´s mother passed away, and they told us that she had been passing through a very difficult time. This weekend they thanked us for sharing these messages with them, and Juan specifically thanked us for helping his wife with the death of her mother, because she was really struggling, but ever since the first time we went to visit them she has started to calm down a little bit and feel at peace. It was another rewarding experience of the week.

I love you all so much and love getting all of the emails about all of the fun you are having without me hahah.

Have a great week and enjoy the pictures of the district, the floods, Juárez from the bridge next to the airport, drying out a hand washed shirt early in the morning because I forgot to do laundry this week, and my divisions with Elder Carreto.

Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll

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