Monday, February 27, 2017

Lots of Nuevos and El Día de Reposo

This week was really good. We are working hard and have found lots of new people to teach or "nuevos." We found a really good family this week and they have a lot of potential, I feel like that is something I say a lot, but when I start seeing someone I love trying to picture them a couple of years down the road as faithful members enduring to the end, and it helps we work harder with them to try and take them there. Also one of the sisters from the chapel told us that she has 2 little brothers who are old enough to be baptized and she wants them to be baptized and go to church with her. They only problem is with the mom. She was baptized a couple of years ago but turned inactive and we think that she doesnt like the missionaries very much, so I dont know how we will go about doing this. I guess with lots of "fe."

I dont have a lot to say about the last week, so I am going to talk about the Sabbath Day or "Día de Reposo" a little bit, and an experience that I have every week in the church. 

At the beginning of the mission here in Juarez when I couldnt speak the language, I battled a lot during the week. Trying to live in a place where I didnt understand the people, and couldnt talk to them very well was super hard, and I would get discourged really easily. I felt really alone and struggled to feel the Spirit and love of God. I remember the first Sunday in the chapel in Azteca and what a relief it was to be in a house of the Lord. I sat down in the small sacrament room and listened to the Bishop start the services. I didnt understand much at all, a word here or there, but could feel such a peace and comfort come over my whole body. My mind was able to relax, and I finally felt normal again. I even gave a talk that week in Spanish in sacrament meeting that my companion helped me write because I had no idea how to do it, and felt really at peace. 

For my first month or so of the mission I looked forward to Sunday so much because I knew that the church was a place where I would be able to feel peace and the love of God, even if I couldnt understand the language. I still look forward to Sundays because I am able to feel that same Spirit, but now I understand Spanish and the other days of the week arent as hard. I love "El Día de Reposo" and know that is really a day where we are ABLE to and NEED to "reposar" or rest from all of the work that we do during the week. Try to enjoy that blessed day a little bit more this week and I promise that you will all notice a difference physically and spiritually.

I didnt have any pictures this week so I took a picture with the timer on my camara from my bunk-bed last night so that you could see that I am still doing well.

Thank you for the emails and love.
Mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll

Lots of Nuevos and El Día De Reposo Pic

Monday, February 20, 2017

Pasteles y Fiestas!

My first week in Aeropuerto has been really great! I had a great birthday week too!! Complete with 3 parties hah and 3 cakes hah.. it was better than my birthdays at home ;).
The first party we had my last night in Azteca with the Ramos family, one of the favorite families from that ward. We baked the "Funfetti" cake that my parents sent me in my birthday package and it turned out really really good.

The second party I threw for myself on my birthday hah. We went to S-MART, a really popular grocery story here, and I bought myself a cake hah. Our district all came over to our house later that night, and we enjoyed the cake on the roof of the house that we live on top of.. because we live in a little tiny room that they built on top of another house with a flat roof, so we hang out outside. That was really fun too.

The third party was thrown by the Regueira family here in Aeropuerto, because their daughter had her birthday this week too, so we shared a party. We had "tacos al pastor" with pineapple, cucumber, cilantro, and guacamole on top, and they were soooo good. Then we ate the third cake of the week. It was a great week!!

The work is awesome here too. We found two really good investigators this week. We received a reference this week, and conteacted the person, and it turns out that his girlfriend is a member in another ward, and he wants to find out more about her (our) religion. He is really interested, and has been taking the lessons really well. The other investigator is the brother of one of the ladies in our ward. He was trying to go to the USA, but his Visa got rejected and has to stay here in Juarez for a few more months.. thank you Trump for the new investigator hah. 

It was cool to teach him the lesson of the Restoration, the whole time as we explained the organization of the Primitive Church, and the organization of the Latter-day Church, he kept understanding us and the logic behind the Restoration. Now he just has to receive the feeling from the Holy Ghost. He kept saying ¡órale! and ¡Oh sí cierto! during the lessson, and it was awesome and kind of funny.

Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes! I love you to death and hope you have a great week!

Mucho amor
Elder Poll

Pasteles y Fiestas! Pics

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Heading Out of Azteca with a BANG!

This was one of the best weeks of my entire mission!

Like it says in the title.. I am heading out of the Barrio Azteca, and headed to a new area called Aeropuerto... you should all be able to figure that word out on your own! It is in a different Zone called "Las Torres" and there I will spend the next chapter of my journey! I am super excited to get to know more of the city of Juarez, but will really miss the people here in Azteca. 

I would send about 100 pictures this week, but one of the Elders did something to my camera and now the pictures arent there from this week, so I will send a few from the camera of Elder Hinojosa, and next week hopefully I will figure out the problem again and send you all the pictures!

This week was the baptism of Carmen, and of Sonia. Sonia is the investigadora of the other Elders in Azteca 2, and you all should know who Carmen is. Because they are both older ladies, together Elder Hinojosa and I baptized them. We performed the ordinance of Sonia with a chair in the baptismal font, and I helped Elder Hinojosa lower her into the water and lift her back up after the prayer. Everything went according to plan with Sonia, and then it was Carmen's turn. I was the one to perform the ordinance and Elder Hinojosa was going to help me this time. We tried it the first time with the chair, but she couldnt lean back all the way so we had to do it again. We tried again with her leaning forward, and with a little table instead of the chair. That time the tip of her nose barely made it in the water. After a second failed attempt the bishop, and ex-bishop, and our mission leader all came to the rescue, but caused a bunch of chaos haha. It was really nerve wracking, especially with the old bishop of the ward, he is really "orgulloso" or prideful, and it is always his way or the highway. Ignoring most of their advice, we tried again, and like they say, the third time is a charm, and on the third try we finally got it! No chairs, no tables, no tricks, nothing. We should have done it the normal way the first time we tried it, but we I guess there was some type of lesson that we needed to learn hah. 

After the baptisms on Saturday night, we asked Carmen who she wanted to give her the gift of Holy Ghost and confirm her a member of the Church the next day, Sunday in the morning. She chose me. I was sooo nervous. I had never confirmed anybody before, let alone in Spanish. But I knew I would be able to do it. When she told us that she wanted me to do it she said because I was the Elder that found her and started teaching her, and that over the past few weeks she had grown to love me like one of her own children. It was such a neat experience, and I was able to confirm her a member of the Church on Sunday, and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a really great way to end my time here in Azteca, and I can leave this area with my head held high.

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes this week, now go and eat a piece of cake or some ice cream for me! 
Much love from Mexico!
-Elder Cade Jason Poll

Heading Out of Azteca with a BANG! Pictures

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday

All of the emails that I recieved this week are titled Super Bowl... was that yesterday? I had no idea.. welcome to my life hah.

Naaahhh just kidding, we made sure we planned our last lessons of the night yesterday with families that had TVs hah. We basically watched the whole second half of the game and overtime, but in about 5 different houses, but I missed the halftime show!! Who performed?? Pretty cool game, too bad that it wasnt the Seahawks.

We had a fun week here in Azteca. The other Elders had a baptism of a little girl named Amy, she is so cute and lived the first half of her life in Forth Worth, Texas until they deported her parents.

The mom, Lucy speaks perfect English.. actually better than her Spanish. The dad, Armando, is from Honduras and speaks a really ugly type of Spanish.. he hardly ever pronounces his words and it is hard to understand him. And until about 3 months ago, Amy could hardly speak either language because her little brain was so confused hah, no she speaks a language that I call Refined Spanglish, and I understand her perfectly, it is awesome.

But we had a lot of fun cleaning the baptismal font, or "pila bautismal" and almost wasted a whole day there because the drain wasnt working, and then it started to pump out a bunch of black water, and it was a mess, but we figured it all out and the baptism was awesome! Elder Hinojosa baptized her and everything turned out beautiful. It wouldnt be the work of Salvation without a little bit of oposition 😊.

I found a cool place that reminded me of Nacho Libre, and took a picture by... I will send all the cool pictures here in a minute!   

Love you all to death and hope that all is well in the 801.
All the way from the 656...(at least in Mexico)

Elder Cade Poll

Super Bowl Sunday. Pictures