Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Praying and Fasting Pics

Praying and Pushing Forward

This week was great! We had a lot of success as a district, and have seen a lot of progress. The sister missionaries had a baptism this week and the investigator, Ramon, lives in a little pueblito outside of Casas Grandes called Enriquez, so we had a fun adventure going to the little town to the baptismal interview. He is about 80 years old, and doesnt hear or see and barely walks, so I had to yell the questions in his ear so that he hear and answer me haha. After the interview he asked me to give a talk in his baptism, and he asked my companion to baptize him haha, it really suprised us because we werent expecting it, so we took some of our investigators with us, and it was a nice experience.

Sunday was a day full of miracles. We had plans for 10 investigators to join us at church this week, which was a crazy goal, because we only had 7 last week, and they were almost all of the investigators that we had, but we put the goal as 10 and went with it. Sunday morning, after a week of hard work, nobody was answering their phones, our investigators had to downtown and werent going to have time to come with us, and the brother that was going to help us with a ride for our investigators hadnt answered us in 2 days. 

Honestly we kind of lost hope and faith, but decided to pray and ask God to help us and our investigators, and as we finished the prayer and started getting ready to go to church, the phone started ringing, and our investigators told us that they had returned from downtown and were going to be able to come with us and the other family called us and told us that they would be ready and waiting for us and the ride, and then the brother with the truck called us and told us that he was sorry he hadnt responded but was out of town and had just got back and could help us. After a trial of our faith we made it to church with 9 investigators. 

We hadnt reached the goal, but were happy with the blessings we had recieved, and as we were singing the opening prayer, one of the young women of the ward arrived with her little sister who isnt a member, but we have been teaching to try and get permission to baptize her, and made it 10. We reached the goal of 10 investigators in the capilla and still are so grateful for the blessings, the help of the members, and the efforts of the investigators to be able to join us at church. It was a great day and week.

Thank you all for your prayers for us. I know that God really does listen to us every single time that we pray to Him, and that He really does answer our humble prayers. 
Love you all very much and hope you can all pray a little bit more sincerely and humbly even when it might seem like all has been lost. 

Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll

Monday, August 7, 2017

Heaven on Earth

It might just be because I lived in Juárez for almost a year, but this little pueblito of Nuevo Casas Grandes is like living in a dream. This week has been awesome! Last Tuesday we got an early start and headed to the mission offices to get ready to take the Omnibus from Juárez to Nuevo Casas Grandes. 

Like I said last week, many missionaries went home this week and finished their missions, so I was able to say goodbye to a lot of my good friends and examples that I have had in the mission. It was really sad, but the good thing is that most of them are from Utah, or at least close by, so I will get to see them again. 

We got to the Bus Station at about 1 in the afternoon and had to wait until 3 to be able to load our luggage on and get going. During our wait I was able to make lots of new friends who I had never met before from the mission including Elder (Tyler) Evans who is from Layton Utah and went to Layton High. We even sat next to each other on the bus and talked about all of the mutual friends that we had, our High School Rivalry, and a bunch of other things that we had in common. He is actually my Zone Leader right now, and is goes home in like 3 months, so I will miss him a lot too here in a little bit. 

Also Elder Sanchez and Elder Gray kept us entertained with a bunch of magic/card tricks that they practiced when they were companions, and it was awesome. We had like half of the bus station surrounding us in our little missionary circle watching all of the magic tricks haha.

Here in Alamedas we are in the smallest area of the whole mission, but there is still plenty of work to be done, and lots of investigators who need to get married to be able to be baptized. We have like 3 families who could be baptized tomorrow if the parents were married, so we are going to be working with some of the civil leaders of the town who are going to help us with these investigators. 

In my Zone/Stake their is also a ward of pure Americans who speak English because of the Mormon Colonies here. The sister missionaries in my district had a baptism this week and we were able to go, and it was all in English. When I walked into the Stake Center, instead of hearing "Hola, Elder, ¿qué tal?" I heard "Hey, Elder! How´s it goin?" hahah. It kind of freaked me out, but it is all good. It was a cool experience to have. 

We are having a great time here, we live in a little guest house behind the house of a member, and our yard is beautiful. Everything is green because of the rain, and I really feel like I am at a good point in my mission.

Thank you all for everything. Have a great week.
Con mucho amor.
Elder Cade Poll

also I have a montón de fotos so it could take a while to send them to you

Monday, July 31, 2017

Adiós, Aeropuerto... Hola, Alamedas!

After 6 months here in Aeropuerto and almost a year in Ciudad Juarez, my time has come and I am getting transfered to the Mormon Colonies of Nuevo Casas Grandes. 

I am going to be serving in the Colonia Dublán Zone/Stake and will be in the Alamedas Area/Ward. A weird coincidence that I have noticed is that all 3 of my areas start with A... Azteca, Aeropuerto, Alamedas. I am sure it means nothing, but it is a neat pattern haha. 

I am super excited to serve in Casas Grandes for a while, but will definitely miss Juárez. I have met so many people and made so many friends here that I will miss them a ton, and it is even worse because 17 missionaries are going home and only 2 are going to arrive, so they had to close a lot of areas where there are 4 missionaries- which means they are closing my current area of Aeropuerto 2, and the 2 Elders that are in the other half of the area will have to be in charge of this half of the ward, too- which will be tough because it is a big area. 

It is really hard saying goodbye to everyone here and it is going to be a hard night telling them all goodbye, but that's how the mission is... the greatest thing you will ever do, but the hardest thing you will ever do. I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Even though I am sad to leave, I am muy muy muy excited for this new stage in my missionary service. My companion is going to be el Elder Rios, and I am going to be the district leader again. 

Elder Rios is from my same generation of missionaries and is really cool, we played a bunch of cage soccer together in the MTC haha. He is from Veracruz Mexico and is an awesome Elder. We are going to have a blast working our tails off!

Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers. I am doing great and the work is marching on.

I found this little corner store when I did divisions this week when I did divisions with my district... shout out to my hermanita.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Cade Jason Poll

Adiós, Aeropuerto... Hola, Alamedas! Pics

Monday, July 24, 2017

"Umm Elder Peralta.... las llaves se quedaron adentro..." Pics

"Umm Elder Peralta.... las llaves se quedaron adentro..."

You will understand the subject a little further on...

Hello friends and family. This week has been challenging but very rewarding as well. We have been battling to find the new investigators after one or two lessons with them they seem to not open the doors or never be home or never answer the phone. It is really stressful, but I guess if they were really chosen by God to hear our message, they would answer us or open the door or at least be home haha. No hay que aguitarse. 

If you guys remember from my last email about Juan and Maria that thanked us for helping them during the time of the loss of Maria's mother, they came to church with us this Sunday and it was awesome! All of the talks in Sacrament Meeting were about the challenges that God gives us in our lives, and why he gives them to us. Afterwards, in the class of "Principios del Evangelio", we really felt the spirit strongly, and I think that the class was very moving for all of us. Juan even shared a "testimony"at the end of the class and thanked our Heavenly Father for introducing him and Maria to "Poll y Peralta" and this Gospel at such a crucial time in their lives, when they needed it most. 

We also had Zone Conference with President Owen this last week and were able to learn many things and feel the spirit.
Yesterday after church, one of my friends/members/second counselor of the bishopric, Marco Tenorio, came with us to visit a few families, and as many of you know, Sundays are about the worst day for missionary work. At least here in Mexico. None of the investigators were acutally home, but we had a great time contacting, telling mission stories, throwing rocks at stray dogs.... a big stray German Shepherd was chasing after a little girl on her bike, so we started to throw rocks at it, and I pegged him in the back end with a laser hahahah it was awesome, I felt like a hero. 

After that we had a lesson with one of my favorite less actives from this ward, the hermana Serrano Perez, and it was awesome. I think I needed the lesson as much as she did. And just about all of us ended up in tears. It was great to have Marco come with us to help us with some contacts and teaching. He gave us a few pointers on how he worked in his mission, and it helped me a lot. He is about 25 and is married and has a kid, so his more mature and expereinced point of view really helped us out.

About the title...Our keys got left inside, and the owner of our house went on vacation to Mazatlan, so I had to break in the only window that doesnt have a cage on it haha. It isnt as high as it looks so dont worry.. I was 100% safe. But yeah I felt bad for leaving them inside hahah.

Love you all so much. Have a great week!

Con mucho amor
Elder Poll

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

This week was and adventure here in Juaritos. It rained super hard a for a few days here, and because we are in the desert, the infrastructure of the city isnt really made to take on a lot of water, so we did some pretty good service this week. 

One day, it was so bad that we stopped what we were doing and I told my companion that we were going to start working. There were a few people digging trenches threw the flooded dirt streets to drain the water out of the patios and driveways of all of the houses, so I grabbed the last spare shovel and started digging. At first I tried not to get to wet or dirty, but then remembered a similar story that one of our counselors in the MTC told us about not worrying about getting dirty, so I forgot about my selfish desires and started to focus on the needs of the other people. 

Everyone seemed very surprised to see us working in the rain and the mud. After we finished with the trenches we noticed that the house of somebody that we had previously contacted (but turned us down hahah)  was flooding because their whole patio was flooded up to the door of their house, and the daughter and dad were battling the water with a few buckets. So we asked if they needed help and they said that they didn't want us to get dirty or wet, and I just told them "No se preocupen, ya nos mojamos al cavar las trincheras" and got to work. The daughter and another one of her friends started to fill the 5 gallon buckets with an old ice cream bucket, and we hauled the 5 gallon buckets... one in each hand... up a little hill on the other side of the road to empty them out into the trenches that we had made. 

It took us about 45 minutes of hauling buckets to get the water to a level below my ankles hahah, and luckily my shoes survived. I honestly had a blast helping them, and kept telling myself this is a story that you are going to be able to write about in your letter this week, and talk about forever. It was very rewarding, and now I think that the family is going to allow us to teach them.

We also had a really powerful experience with some investigators named Maria and Juan Campa. They are super awesome, but about a month ago, before we knew them, Maria´s mother passed away, and they told us that she had been passing through a very difficult time. This weekend they thanked us for sharing these messages with them, and Juan specifically thanked us for helping his wife with the death of her mother, because she was really struggling, but ever since the first time we went to visit them she has started to calm down a little bit and feel at peace. It was another rewarding experience of the week.

I love you all so much and love getting all of the emails about all of the fun you are having without me hahah.

Have a great week and enjoy the pictures of the district, the floods, Juárez from the bridge next to the airport, drying out a hand washed shirt early in the morning because I forgot to do laundry this week, and my divisions with Elder Carreto.

Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up! Pics

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10th, 2017. That is about as creative as it gets today.

First things first.... Sorry for not writing you all last week. We got to the internet cafe late, the time flew by, and we had a lesson to get to. I was trying to respond to a few other emails that I had, and before I knew it we had to leave to arrive to the lesson on time. They werent actually home hahah but we made the effort. 

But last week was pretty good, I was able to go on divisions with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Marin, and honestly I had a blast. He is such a great example to all of us and really is a great leader. It was my second time going to that area in divisions, and the first time I went there, about 3 months ago, we went with a sister of the ward, Hermana Mayorga, in the morning and she made us a huge breakfast with pancakes and nutella and bananas and strawberries and a bunch of stuff.  She is an older lady but we got along really great and she treats the missionaries so well and gives them rides to get to where they are going and things like that. 

The Elders in that ward always had told me.. "Elder Poll la hermana Mayorga never stops talking about you, she keeps saying that she is going to tell President Owen to send you to Parajes to be in her ward because she loves you so much," but I didnt really believe them. And when we did divisions two weeks ago, she came and picked us up and the first thing she told me was "I was going to lie and tell the Elders that I couldnt help them today, but when they told me that Elder Poll was coming back to Parajes for the day, I had to come help," 

When we got to the area she took us straight to her house and told me that I could grab whatever I wanted and that she wasnt going to let us leave to start working until Elder Poll was satisfied haha, so we ate a little lunch with her the first day of divisions, and she told us that we had to go back in the morning for another breakfast.

The next morning when we got to her house she had already made eggs and ham, another mexican dish called "chilaquiles," and was starting with the pancakes hahah. We smothered the pancakes in nutella, syrup, strawberries, bananas, powdered sugar.. you name it, she had it for us haha. We ate so much food and she took such good care of us. It was something that I really needed. I thought it was so funny that after only a couple of times going with her, she was so kind to me and took such good care of us. I thought I would write about this experience just so that a few of you worriers... like my dad hahah... would know that there are wonderful members here that are taking care of us.

On the 4th of July I climbed up on top of my house and was able to spot a few flashed of fireworks in distant El Paso. And of course I threw on the red white and blue combo.. I will try and send the pictures.

Anyway, the work is going pretty well, we have been finding lots of new people, but not many have accepted our invitations or kept their commitments. It is kind of tough right now, my life consists of walking laps around the same streets that I have walked for the last 6 months in the 105 degree weather, with a little rag to wipe the sweat and dirt off of my face. But with the hope that is mentioned in Ether 12 verse 4, 
"Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God." 

God is real and blesses us when we glorify Him through our good works. With that knowledge we will have the hope, faith, and strength to overcome every challenge that we face in this life.

Love you all and hope that you have a great and safe week!
Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Enduring to the End

First week of this cycle went by super fast, and even with the 110 degree weather we were able to have some success in finding new investigators. We set a goal this week to find 9 new investigators to start new this transfer and be able to have a baptismal service at the end of the transfer. 

On Thursday we only had been able to find 2 new investigators, and didnt know if we were going to be able to reach the goal of 9 by Sunday. Friday in the morning we had one more new investigator and had another appointment planned for 8 that night. We went searching for the house of the other person that we were going to visit, and couldnt find it, the house numbers were all the same in that area, and we needed a letter that coincides with the number to find the exact house, but he didnt give us the letter, only the number. 

We decided to try and ask around if anybody new the man that we had contacted, or where he lived. We found an older lady with her even older mom getting out of their car from going shopping, and asked them if they knew him. They werent of much help, but we asked if we could help them with the bags of groceries, and the 5 gallon jugs of water. They told us no hah and that they could do it alone, but I ignored them and grabbed the bags and a jug anyway haha. I think it took them by surprise, and they gave in, letting us help them. They asked us why we had been looking for the other man and we explained to them about the mission and our purpose. We asked if we could share a message with them, and they let us in. They younger of the two even went upstairs to tell her daughter to come listen to us, and there we had 3 new investigators! We taught them about Joseph Smith, and during the First Vision they couldnt even talk. They just stared at us in awe hahah it was sweet. Then we finished by singing a "Himno" and they accepted another visit and the invitation to pray about what we had taught them.

So now it is Saturday and we have 6 of the 9 to reach our goal. We had another appointment at that night with a lady that we had contacted earlier in the week, and when we got there she invited her husband and daughter to listen to us also, so we had three more Saturday, and reached the goal. In 2 days we were able to get 7 of the 9 new investigators, but our faith was tested. We just have to remember that the miracles and blessings dont come until after the trial of our faith.

It was awesome to see that the Lord helped us reach our simple goal of 9 new investigators, but we had to put in our own effort, and even though we were a little bit discouraged on Thursday for not having found many, we kept pushing hard and at the end of the day, at the end of the week, we found them. It reminded me a lot of the story that Elder Uchtdorf shared about the "Fourth Floor, Last Door," and I invite you all to read or listen to that talk. We just have to keep working hard and not give up, at the end of it all the Lord will bless us with the things that we need to be successful, but we have to endure with faith, to the VERY end. Not to the halfway point or the 3/4 mark. To the END.
But yeah, it was a cool experience. I am very grateful for the Lord and know that He always keeps His word. 

Mom I hope your apendix heals hahah. I am praying for you.
Thanks for everything!
I think my camera is broken so no pictures this week.. I will hopefully figure it out by next week.
Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Late Father's Day!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I am super grateful for my dad. All of you guys that know him know how hard of a worker he is, and how great of an example he has always been for me. I have always said that my parents are the great examples that every missionary needs in their life. My mom has always been such a spiritual light for me, and my dad has truly taught me how to work hard. I couldnt ask for better parents.

This week was a pretty good one, I feel like for the next few months I will only be writing about how hot it is all hours of the day and night haha. 

We have been struggling a little bit with the heat, but things are going well and the work is moving forward. Because we didnt have a whole lot of work this week, we did a bunch of service, and I figured out the hard way that flipping the pages of the Bible isnt enough to keep your hands nice and calloused. I got like 7 blisters hahah. Now I cant even do the page flipping hahah. We have been helping out some investigators with their house and took out a cinder block wall and made a new one to enlarge one of their rooms in their house. 

Also we went with our awesome Bishop, Bishop Jauregui, to his daughters kindergarten and remodeled the playground which was super hot, but super fun too! The best part is that he brought us some Mountain Dews from El Paso so that we would enjoy it a little bit more haha. He is the other guy in the pictures that I will send. He is only 30, and is such a good Bishop. It is funny because sometimes the members of the ward get us mixed up because we both usually wear a gray suit, and we kind of look alike. Some of the little old ladies in the ward have actually tried to give me their tithing envelopes because they think I am him haha.

Transfers were this week, but my companion and I are staying together here in Aeropuerto. I am sad because Elder Butterfield is leaving the ward and once again I am gonna be the only Gringo of the district haha. They moved me up to District Leader, and I am really grateful for the opportunity I have to help out the other Elders of our district. I hope all goes well and that the Lord helps me fulfill my small duty as District Leader.

Thank you all for the prayers and support.
Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll