Monday, November 28, 2016

Turkey Day Photos

Dia De Favo (Turkey Day)

This week honestly started out so well, we were having great lessons with investigators and it looked like we were going to hit our goal of 22 lessons and everything just fell through. We had like 7 appointments planned for Saturday, and every single one cancelled on us and we had to improvise a ton. It was so tough and I am surprised we got the four that we did, because it was not what we had planned. It is definitely a tough area, and I just wish we could figure out how to light it up or lift it up, just fix something here. 

We had 4 people lined up to join us in the Sacrament meeting, and when we went to go pick them up, none of them were there either, no one would answer there phones, and we ended up with another week with 0 people in the chapel. 

The work is tough, but there is no place I would rather be, I am learning so much about the language, and the Gospel too. I thought I had a pretty good knowledge about the Doctrine of the Church and Principles as well, but I have learned so much more from my studies and I look forward to it everyday. I find that I learn so much more when I go into a study session with a question and know what it is that I am searching for. It helps so much to make the study more meaningful, and because I have the desire to learn something, I find that I am more focused during the study and really feast on the words. It really makes me realize that my study habits at home before the mission really were pretty pathetic haha. 

Anyway, this week is going to be different, we are going to have to put in to yet another gear hah and hope and pray that finally we see some more success. It is a really fun or rewarding or whatever you want to call it work, and the small miracles that I have seen already are making the sacrifice worth it.

 As I get better with the language and kind really understand people know, I have found so much more love for them, and can finally understand what they need and try my hardest to really help them. We found a family this week from the Area Folder that older Elders had been teaching and they really have strong necessities that can all be fixed by following the teachings of the Savior. Maybe Juarez isn't the prettiest mission in the whole world, but there really are people here with needs, and everyone is different. It is awesome to listen to them explain their challenges, and the Spirit tells me of the lesson or principle that they need to hear. Maybe I cant explain them perfectly yet, but they always seem to understand, and I know that it is the Spirit communicating to them through my broken Spanish.

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, I missed all of you guys like crazy and on Thursday was missing the food too. I got to eat tacos with bits of hot dogs and ground mystery-meat hahah. Buuuut Sunday was such a good day. There is a Hermana in the ward named Luz Rangel, who cooked us a complete Thanksgiving dinner! We had turkey, cranberry sauce, rolls, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, and even Pumpkin Pie!! She works in El Paso, so everything was from Sams Club and was American and was sooo good. Elder Larsen and I were in heaven! It made my whole week hah.

Thanks for the love, and emails, and prayers and everything!

Love you "al infinito y mas allá!" (To infinity and beyond!) (An investigator's kid was watching Toy Story this week hah)
-Elder Cade Jason Poll

Monday, November 21, 2016

First Transfer Pics

First Transfer! Week Number 12

Yeah nothing happened with our district haha. Everything is the same here in the Barrio Azteca, but at least I am not the youngest generation here in Juarez anymore hah.

I am going to be honest, this was a pretty boring week. I went on transfers again with Elder Larsen, and that was really fun! They have an investigator who lived in Fort Worth for like 5 years, and speaks perfect English, so we were able to teach her in English. She is basically already a member, but cant be baptized because her "husband" is still married in Honduras and is Illegal here in Mexico hah. It is a huge mess, but their daughter is going to turn 8 in January and will be baptized. Theyare awesome and I hope that everything works out with them. 

Also, I always forget to write about it, but my dreams came true hah, I am officially Elder Pollo (chicken). It has been that way since i got here actually hah, there are tons of people that just call me Pollo or Pollito (little chicken). And yeah I am sure you can all tell by the extent of my translations that I am almost fluent hahah. But not really. I have a pretty easy time speaking in broken Spanish, but understanding is more difficult. They speak really feo (ugly/bad) Spanish here. It is really slurred together and kind of fast. I can read almost perfectly though and try to read a conference talk every night before I go to bed to get more practice in.

Anyway, sorry for the short email this week, I'll work really hard this week to get some fun stories to write about... or maybe I should be totally disobedient hah that would produce some fun stories, I am sure. 😉

Really quickly I would just like to invite everyone to read Alma 32 sometime this week. It is an awesome chapter about humility and faith, and I promise that it will brighten your day!

All is well here, and I am doing alright!!
Elder Cade Jason Poll  

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14th Pictures

Happy 20th? Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!!

I think it is the 20th anniversary of my parents, but I am not sure. Happy Anniversary, nevertheless, regardless of how many years you have together! Love you guys!!
Anyway.....This week was a pretty good one! I was able to go on divisions with Elder Silva, our Zone Leader, and everything went really well! I learned so much from him. How to act with members and investigators, lots of ways to teach in a simple way and really just how to be a good missionary, from what i could tell. It was a great experience for me to see that there isnt only one way to teach the gospel, and that the way i develop for myself will be the best for me. I dont have to teach exactly like one other missionary, because there are thousnds of different ways to teach, and that is why it was good to go on divisions, to see how Elder Silva does it, and to be able to take what I like from his style and implement it in my own way. 
This week we had a good lesson with a family of Christians we are working with, the same family who wouldnt even let us in to their house to teach them not long ago. We used to teach them out on the curb outiside of their house. The couple is in their mid 20s and they have two kids. A daughter who is 3, and a son who is 1. They finally feel comfortable with us, and are really opening up to us more than before. The wife doesnt seem to want a whole lot to do with us, because i think she feels really comfortable in her own church. However, the husband is really interested. 
He told us a story of how a couple of years ago, he felt really good about himself and his relationship with God. He told us that he felt like if he were to die unexpectedly, that all would be well with him and God and he could rest assured knowing that they were on good terms. But he isnt feeling like that anymore, and said that he hopes that through us, the missionaries, he will be able to feel that same peace with God in his life all over again. This was a really encouraging thing to hear, that finally, it seems like someone really needs us here. Finally i feel like i have a purpose to help someone come back to the fold, back unto Christ. 
We have another appointment with them and are really hoping that they will come to Church with us this week. We have asked a time or two, and the wife always says no, but we are really going to focus on the husband, and hopefully it will all soften the heart of the wife as well and she will start to progress. Who knows, maybe it will be a dead end. But we are going to work our hardest to bring them to the fullness of the Gospel. Even if it is only one solid family that we have to work with, work is work, and we will take it and work with it and give it all that we have. 
Other than that, the week was a pretty average one. The weather is starting to cool down. Some days it will be really warm, and others really cold. It just cant seem to make up its mind. Whenever we wear sweaters the sun comes out, and when we leave them in the house we freeze hahah.
I have been getting a lot more questions about Trump lately, so Im guessing he won. I havent been in the USA for a while, and i dont know everything that is going on with Trump, good or bad. But before when people would ask me who I wanted to win, I would just tell them to always remember to put your trust in God, because men will always fall. With God on our side, we will always have the upper hand. Trust in His plan, and all will be well. So whether you are dissapointed or pleased with the outcome, never forget to trust in God first.
Anyway, I love you all and hope you have a great week!! Thank you so much for everything!!
Elder Cade Poll