Monday, October 31, 2016

Que Pasa Calabaza? (What's Up, Pumpkin?)

Happy Halloween, everyone! 🎃👻
I hope all is well at home and that everyone has a safe Holliday. I think things are gonna be pretty exciting here tonight! Only time will tell. 

Anyway this was a pretty good week! It is still hot here, like blazing, and people are saying that the cold is never gonna come this year because of something to do with the sun...I am not really sure what exactly. The stories people are telling us sound like they would be confusing even in English hah. Anyway I hope it isnt true and that the cold comes because it is toasty walking around in a shirt and slacks, with a big old shoulder bag, down these old dusty roads. But dont get me wrong, there is something I love about it. The members joke saying that this is a REAL mission in Mexico apart from those serving in the tropics. They say those missions are paradise without dying. But the struggle is definitely fun or rewarding or whatever you would like to call it.

This week we did some divisions. I went with Elder Larsen into the other half of the Azteca ward, and his real companion, Elder Hinojosa went to my half of Aztecas with Elder Cabrera. It was so good to be with an American for 24 hours hah. We could talk in English and relate with each other and share mission experiences and talk about High school and all the fun we had before the mission. It was definitely a good experience to be able to wind down and relax for a night. We sat out on the roof all night (until 10:15) and talked while looking over the city. It really was so fun! And something that I needed. With 2 Gringos walking down the street together we definitely were the victims of more heckling from the punks in the street haha but thats what makes it fun. Responding in English to their Spanish questions really seems to keep them quiet, but responding to them in Spanish and asking them how many languages they can speak humbles them too.

I want to share a quick scripture that I found this week during studies.
James 1: 2-4
2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;
3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.
4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.
This really helped me this week to see the bigger picture of things. God has His perfect plan, and with patience all will be made right. Trust in God during all times of difficulty, because truly His plan is perfect. We have to trust in Him before we see the blessings or before we see the rewards of our labors. I really needed this scripture. The mission is tough, and the work is still scarce here in our area. Lots of cancelled appointments, and well really we get lied to a lot, right to our faces. Before the mission I definitely had something else in mind. I thought that the people would be flocking to us and asking us to please teach them and baptize them but that isnt really the case. Really we have to WORK for the WORK. But like I said before it is rewarding. The few really good lessons that we do have each week make up for the bad. 

Thanks again for all the love, support, and emails!

Much love!
Elder Cade Jason Poll

Que Pasa, Calabaza? (What's Up Pumpkin?) Pics

Monday, October 24, 2016

One of Those Weeks

This week really was a tough one. We worked really hard to find new investigators and are trying to do all we can to have success, but somethings just havent been going our way.Things with my companion are going fine, he is a little bit lazy hah so I have to be kind of hard on him, but things will get better. I can tell that I am still in the adjustment stages of missionary life, and I cant wait until I am out of it haha. Lots of appointments cancelled on us and things just didnt run smoothly. But enough of that!

So the way things are working here in the Azteca ward is that we have 4 missionaries. We are Azteca 1, and my companion Elder Cabrera is our District leader. And Azteca 2 is the other 2 Elders Elder Hinojosa and Elder Larsen. Before my generation of missionaries arrived they were a little bit low in numbers, so Azteca was just one whole area. Elder Cabrera and Elder Larsen were the only 2 missionaries in all of the area, but now it is split. This last Saturday, we had 2 baptisms, and they are from when it was just one area here. Anyway, they both lived in what is now Azteca 2 so technically they werent our baptisms, but because Elder Hinojosa and I are brand new Elders, thy let us perform the ordinace!! I got to baptize Maria Fransisca Torres Avila! hahah The name was the hardest part. But it was so awesome! It was so cool to see her face as she came back up out of the water. She looked so relieved and happy to have made this covenant with our Father in Heaven. The Spirit was incredibly strong and is something i will never forget.

Another cool thing from this week was that we played catch with a real American Football in the street with a bunch of drunk guys haha. It was nice to play with a real football again and not a pelota for futbol. 

Our house is a little dumpy but we do have a stove and fridge, and we just got more gas so now our water heater works hah, weve been taking ice showers for until like 2 days ago. I never cook because I am so full from the meals we eat with the members hah. i love the food here though, there hasnt been a meal that i havent enjoyed.. not that surprising. I love the tortillas, we eat tortillas with every meal, and one Hermana that feeds us makes the best Flour tortillas in the world. I really like Mole and barbacoa and pretty much all the meat. I have only eaten beans like 2 times, but rice is every meal.

The weather is getting a little cooler, but it is still blazing hot in the middle of the day.
Thank you to everyone else that has been emailing me. We dont get a whole lot of time to email, so i will do as many as I can. But they might be a little late. Thanks for the support, love, and prayers in my behalf!

Love you all!

Elder Cade Jason Poll

"One of those Weeks" Pics

Monday, October 17, 2016

El Otro Lado (The Other Side)

Hello friends and family, all is well here in Juarez! I have been meeting lots of crazies and learning lots of espanol!

To be quite honest this week was a roller coaster. We have been contacting our tails off because we are pretty much reopening the area, so it has been hard work. But I can say I'm being honest when I say that I love it too.

The members here are incredible. They are all so dedicated to the church and helping the missionaries. Sunday was great, we were able to speak in the ward and I gave my first Spanish discurso! Elder Cabrera helped me write a lot of it, or at least translate it into something that made more sense.

 We had a lot of lows and a lot of highs too. We think we found a really good little family to be investigators. We were on the bus and were short 2 pesos. A lady on the bus noticed our situation and handed us 2 pesos before we got to her stop. I told her thank you so much and that she would be blessed for her generosity (it was my first contact all alone) and she said thank you and that she is a Christian. I asked if I could give her one of our little cards with the picture of Christ on it and she said of course. I then proceeded to explain that we were missionaries, representatives of Jesus Christ, the whole deal and asked if we could meet with her some night to explain more about our message of Families and Joy and Eternal Life. She said yes and I wrote her number down in my Agenda. 

We called her the next day and her husband answered really confused why the Mormons were calling his wife, because he has a friend who is a member. We finally got a hold of her and she said that we could come visit and share our message. When we got there she didn't even let us go into their little patio, let alone their house, because we didnt have very much trust and i think she thought we were going to rob her hah. So we taught her in the street with her 2 kids, a 3 year old girl and she held her infant son the whole time. Because my spanish isnt perfect Elder Cabrera did most of the teaching and I testified a few times and would chase after her daughters kickballs when they were rolling away into the street. Anyway she loved the lesson, she is really smart and at times it felt like she was teaching us Gospel principals. We invited her to church but she said she had to talk with her husband first and that probably she will come the following week. She seems very interested in the Book of Mormon and our message. It was an awesome experience that I hope can turn into a conversion story. 

Other than that we havent had much success teaching. The work is tough right now, but we have faith that God will provide the way for us, as long as we do our part. I really like Elder Cabrera, he is doing a great job. Spanish is difficult but i know Ill get the hang of it. Our house is a dump. The members feed us too much food hah I am gonna be a balloon by the end of my mission. But yeah I like it here and Mexico is awesome!
Much love to all of you!
-Elder Cade Jason Poll

El Otro Lado Pictures

Flying into Juarez.

Cade's First Apartment

Inside Cade's Apartment

Cade with his Companion Elder Cabrera and 2 other Elders serving in the Azteca 1 Ward.

The chapel inside the church

Their Landlord

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Well i have made it to Juarez! I am sitting in an internet cafe right now with my Trainer, Elder Cabrera! He seems awesome and is from Oaxaca, Mexico. I will send a picture really quickly. I dont think i have much time to email today, but i will fill in a lot next week I really do love it here. I will be honest, it is kind of an ugly place haha but it is great. 

The flight was awesome and when we got to Juarez Presidente and Hermana Owens met us at the airport. I loved seeing them again and they recognized me from when we went to their farewell. I already can tell that i will love them. They are such great, normal people. I feel so comfortable and welcome around them. We went to their house and had a lunch with them. They live in a gated community in a huge house haha i felt like i was on a mission in Beverly Hills, not Ciudad Juarez! After that we had some interviews at the mission office and then some training from the APs and President Owen. We spent last night in a really nice hotel next to the mission offices called the Real Inn if you want to see where i was! But we are now in the city! 

In the MTC i met an elder going to the Tuxtla mission in Chiapas. I asked where he was from and he said Juarez! I told him that i was going to serve there and he told me where his family lives and everything. He wrote me a little note on a napkin to give to his parents if i ever served in his area. He is from the Juarez Sur stake in the Azteca ward. I thought it would never happen but knew it would be an awesome thing if it did, so i took the note. I also prayed for the opportunity to give the note to his family... I am in the Azteca ward!! My first area is the Azteca area! Not only that, i told my companion the story and we are eating dinner with his family tonight! I cant wait to meet them and give them the note! I know that the Lord's way is much higher than ours.. i would have never thought i could give them this note so soon, but my first night in the mission i will have the opportunity. I am looking forward to telling you more about it next Monday.

I hope all is well at home, I love it here. I will send pictures next week because i dont have my camera right now!

Love you all so much!

Elder Cade Poll

Monday, October 10, 2016


So Cade flew to Juarez on Monday.  We tracked his flight.  On Tuesday we got the email saying where he stayed the first night,  so I searched Google Earth and took a picture of the Hotel.  Notice on the map that the LDS church is located right behind the hotel.  We're so excited to hear more from him next Monday!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Conferencia General

Yeah.. Spanish is as easy as the subject line makes it look. Switch a few letters here and there and you're fluent.

So this is my last week in the CCM! I leave monday morning and catch a flight to Juarez! There are 22 missionaries going to my mission this week..10 of which are American and 12 from Latin America mostly Mexico, a Bolivian and I think a Chilean also. But I am so excited to get going! We leave the CCM at 4.30 in the morning on Monday. I really am so grateful for the MTC and everything i have learned here. I have been trying to tak only in Spanish with the teachers, workers, groundskeepers, barbers, everyone and I can basically say whatever I want (in a round about way) and also can understand at least the point of everything they say to me. But I know this confidence I've got now will probably be shattered the second I hit the field hah. The fast speakers and mumble-ers are gonna destroy me hah. 

The temple last week was so good. I LOVE the spirit of the Lord in La Casa del Señor. I hope i get to attend the 2 temples in my mission because i love it and it really helps me see the bigger picture of things. 

Other than the temple it was a pretty basic week here. Not bad or great, but I stuck to it. I am so grateful for the teachers here. I dont know if I have talked much about them but everyone here is so dedicated to the Gospel.. it literally is their entire lives. It means everything to them and I know that that is why they are all so happy. It will probably be a different story outside of these walls, but that is why I am here.. called by a prophet of God to try and show them the true formula for happiness and peace.
Speaking of prophets of God.. Conference was soooo good!! I hope you were all able to watch as much as possible and will try and apply the things that stuck out to you in your lives.

The overall message I was able to get from conference, and it is probably a little biased because I am a missionary and it is what I was searching for, was to fight off the natural man, becoming more and more like Christ. As we align our will with that of God we will find more peace and joy in our lives than ever before. I know this is true, even through the homesickness and long days of class, I have been able to find more joy in my life than ever before. I know it is because I am trying my best to align my will with God´s and do what he wants me to do. It is hard and I am not perfect, the natural man can be pretty powerful, but our loving Savior is almighty and will help us overcome all struggles and challenges. I love Him. He is my best friend right now. I rely on Him everyday. 

Just because you guys aren't all misionaries doesnt mean this cant apply to you. Look for opportunities to serve. You will be blessed for it. Try to turn outward, when the natural man (or woman) in all of us would turn inward. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed conference.. I´ll stop preaching to you all. :)

I love you guys and will send some pictures real quick. I have some pretty good ones this week! Love you all and am grateful for all your letters, support, prayers, and love. I really can feel the blessings coming from your faith. 

Next time you hear from me I'll be a "real" missionary in Juárez!! I cant wait!! Love you guys!

-Elder Cade Jason Poll

Cade's Last Week at the CCM