Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Very Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone for your Christmas wishes and letters and packages and EVERYTHING!
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and I hope you all have a Happy New Year as well!

It was sooo good to see you all and talk for a little while. It was comforting to see that not much has changed at home, and that my sisters really do miss me.. Sophie's eyes weren't dry for a single second of the call haha. 

It really was a different Christmas spirit this year, walking down the streets searching for work and not finding much because everyone was enjoying themselves in other places, or in unfriendly ways. But it was a beautiful, simple Christmas. I have some awesome new ties, socks, and even a scripture study buddy.. what more could I ask for?!?!
Christmas Eve, or Noche Buena, was actually pretty fun. We hung out with the family Salcido and ate a bunch of food and had a Piñata, and I was the one that broke it hah.

After that, the family Salcido gave us each a gift, and we went home for the night.
Like I said... simple, but it was beautiful.
I really dont have much to write about this week, I just talked to you yesterday hah.

The Hermana Carmen has a baptismal date and we are hoping that we can reach that goal. Today we went to her house actually and fixed her roof for her with tar and tar paper.. I was in charge of keeping the fire lit under the barrel of tar with Elder Larsen and I felt like I was camping again with a bonfire hah.

Love you all so much and really, thank you so much for everything!

Have a very Happy New year!
Elder Cade Poll 

A Very Merry Christmas Pics

Monday, December 19, 2016

Milage Navideños Pictures

Milagros Navideños

This week was pretty good! To start off we finally got an investigator to join us in the Capilla!!! It was a Christmas milagro! Her name is Carmen and is pretty old hah but has such a good heart and I really think she will progress! We were walking to an appointment in a part of our area that we hardly ever go to, and she was standing at her gate waiting for her niece. We almost walked right past her because it was kind of dark, but I saw her face through the bars of the gate and we contacted her quickly and set an appointment with her. We taught her and she wanted to come to church with us so we set up a ride and picked her up for church. She really enjoyed it and in the Gospel Principle class that we 4 missionaries teach she told us and everyone in there that she had seen us (other missionaries) before and wanted to talk to us but never could because we were too far away or the opportunity never presented itself. 

She also said that God put her out at that gate for a reason that night, because her niece never even showed up that night. It is a really good feeling.

Also last week in our lesson with Miriam and Cesar, Cesar had to leave to go to his boxing training and we talked to Miriam. She really opened up to us and told us about how much she wants to change and is really grateful for us. She told us that Cesar always talks about us and that he wants to serve like we do and that he doesnt want us to ever leave this area. So good to hear that we are helping them and that we are being an example to him and hopefully if it is God's will, we will be able to bring them to the Gospel and in 3 years he will serve a mission of his own! The mission is awesome!!

This week we also had two Posadas/Cenas Navideñas, or Christmas Dinner Parties hah. One with our ward and another with all of the Zones that are in the City of Juarez. They were both so good! We sang a bunch of Christmas Carols at both of them and ate Pozole at the one in our ward, and turkey and mashed potatoes and corn at the one from the mission! It really was a good week and I am feeling the Christmas spirit. 

I will miss you all during the Holiday Season and our Christmas Traditions.. but hey this mission isn't forever so keep those traditions going and enjoy them, so that when I get back we can make more memories, and enjoy the Holidays again together!

Love you all so much. Thank you for everything!
Elder Cade Jason Poll

Monday, December 12, 2016


Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying the Holliday Season, I sure am! Actually today is a Holliday, the day of the Virgin Guadalupe and Juarez is going nuts with Fireworks and and Drum Lines rolling through the streets and all that fun stuff. Except the fireworks aren't the cool, bright, colorful fireworks that we love so much in USA, but really loud firecrackers called "cuetes" that just blow up and sound like gunshots and keep us on our toes here haha.

But really the Holiday season is so great, I really hope that everyone is taking advantage of the initiative #LIGHTtheWORLD is what it is in English, I think. It really has been great to serve people more, even though we really do it everyday, it has more of a feeling behind it with the new iniciative. Keep the spirit of Christmas in your hearts and go out and SERVE!

This past week we had a really neat lesson with some investgators, Miriam and Cesar. Miriam is a single mom with 4 boys who are all Boxers. Cesar is the second oldest and is only 15. The oldest is actually a professional I think, but I am not sure. I have been helping Cesar with his homework and think that I actually was able to help him he was so excited and told me the test was super easy for him.

 Anyway the lesson wth Miriam and Cesar was the Restoration. It was our second time with them, the first time we just got to know them, and actually shared the video from #ILUMINAelMUNDO with them. They seemed interested so we set another appointment with them. After teaching them the Restoration, she started to explain to us that our message is really calling her attention, and she feels super drawn to it. She said that she never really joined a religion but just called herself Christian because her mom was Christian. She told us that all of the beliefs she has personally are the things that we were explaining to her, and that she is really interested. I feel really good about them, and will keep you all updated on their progress. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers!

Elder Cade Jason (Pollito) Poll

Monday, December 5, 2016

Bendiciones del Ayuno Pics

Bendiciones del Ayuno

Buenas Tardes! 

This week we finally reached our goals for lessons! We fasted earlier in the week (not knowing that it was also going to be Fast Sunday hah) so that we could start finding new people to teach and those who are interested in listening to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and we really found some! We found about 3 or 4 new families to teach who all seem to be interested in the Gospel. 

One family that we had already been teaching actually has their daughter living with them and her husband, they moved here from Zacatecas and have already taken all the lessons and said that they went to the Chapel consistently for about 3 months before they had to move here. They were going to be baptized as well, but their daughter got really sick I think, and had to move here to Juarez with the wifes family. They seem really prepared to join the Church, he was practically teaching us the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ during our first visit with them! 

Really the thing that we need to work on is getting the investigators to want to come to Church. We arranged rides for that family and 2 other investigators, and the family was all ready to go, but the husband had left to pick up his mom to tend their kids while they came to church, so they didnt come with us but said they would show up and never did. 

The others just didnt answer their phones or come outside while we were knocking on their gates, and never showed up either. But there is always something that we can work on, and this week it will be investigators in the Chapel! Really though it was a great week, the work is a lot more fun when there is actually work hah, and the time flies by! We met all of our goals i think except for the investigators at Church, but like I said, now we have another thing to work on! 

It was really cool to see the power of the Fast, and how a tiny sacrifice can bring so many blessings and answer your prayers! And in this case they were answered very quickly which really lifted our spirits and helped us push through the week! It really is such a neat thing that we can do to show our Heavenly Father that we mean business and would really like things to change or get better, and the even cooler thing about it is that He always keeps his word. He has THE POWER to do anything, but we have to show Him that we have THE FAITH. It isnt until after the trial of our faith that we begin to receive the blessings that He has prepared for us.

On another, more fun note, this morning we woke up at 4 to hike like 5 miles to the top of the mountain here and take pictures and watch the amanecer and it was SWEET!! I will for sure send some pictures and remember the gun is just airsoft.. we just use it because it adds so much to the pictures hahaha.

Love you guys so much! Thank you for everything! If you get the chance watch the new Initiative for this years Christmas! I cried when I watched it.. being a full-time servant of Christ is such a privilege.
-Elder Poll