Monday, November 20, 2017

We Got Good News! Pics

We Got Good News!

Sorry, I don't have much time today because it is a Mexican Holiday and we are going to celebrate with another adventure with the Jurado family!! We are going to "la cueva de la olla" or the cave of the cooking pot haha. It should be a fun adventure, and we hope to enjoy the day!

This week was a good week, we have honestly been working so hard and have had so much work that we have had to place two appointments at the same time each day and we split up with members of the ward so that we can reach all of the lessons that we have.

Get ready for the good news. We had a leadership conference in Juarez and a zone conference here in Nuevo Casas Grandes, and President Owen informed us that December 8, 2017, we will receive a visit from Elder Dallin H. Oaks!! He is coming to Mexico to speak specifically to US and we are all going to meet him in Juarez that day! 

We are especially lucky to have this opportunity because not only is he a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, but he is THE Apostle in-charge of the missionary department of the church. I am so excited to receive specific instructions from an apostle of the Lord and cant wait to see the miracles that will follow such a spiritual experience.

Love you all so much! 
con mucho amor
Elder Cade Jason Poll
Here are some pics of the zone conference, and a golden eagle.

Monday, November 13, 2017

El Bautismo De Gerardo pics

El Bautismo de Gerardo

First off, I would like to apologize for the length and quality of the last few letters and hope to make up for it in this letter. 
So I havent talked about Gerardo yet because I feel like every time I write about an investigator in an email, they tell us they dont want us to visit them anymore, and I didnt want to jynx it again with Gerardo hahah. 

My first day in Obrera, Elder Soto and I went to eat with the L family in a huge house in the very limit of our area. When we arrived, the house maid opened the door for us and led us to the kitchen. We sat down and met Sister L, and we started to eat. As we began talking, we asked about her husband and she told us that he was working in his office bidding online for some heavy machinery, and that he would be out soon to talk to us. She told us beforehand to forgive them both for his way of being and we told her not to worry that we deal with all kinds of people in the street and are used to everything, but I really didnt know what to expect.

 When Gerardo came out of the office he shouted playfully asking who had let the Mormons in to his house and asked us if we wanted a tequila or some wine to go with our lasagna hahah. We knew he was just playing around, but it was enough for us to realize that he wasnt a member of the church. 

We kept talking with them and found out that Lizeth (sister López) was baptized about 10 years ago and as their three oldest daughters have reached the age of 8, they have all been baptized and raised in the church, but Gerardo was never convinced. We finished the meal sharing a few scriptures and ending in prayer and that was the last time I saw Gerardo for about a month and a half, until one day we went to pay the rent (they own one of our missionary houses) and Lizeth wasnt there, so we gave the money to Gerardo. We talked for a few minutes and that was that. 

The following Sunday when we got to church, we saw Lizeth and her daughters walk in to the chapel as normal, but what surprised us was that Gerardo was with them! It was the first time that I had seen him at church and it really made me happy to see him. We quickly went to welcome them to church and say hello, and took our seats as the services started. We went to the other classes as normal and when we finished, Sister Lizeth found us and told us that yesterday after we paid the rent, Gerardo called her and told her that he wanted to be baptized and that he wanted us to go visit him!!

 We went to the Bishop's office and told him what had happened and he jumped for joy in his office and told us that we were heaven's annointed ones hahah and that many missionaries had gone through that house without success, and that Sister Lizeth needs the support of Gerardo more than ever in her life and that we had to teach him and be sure that he was baptized. 

We started to teach Gerardo and each that we visited him we could see more and more desire in him to be baptized. We taught oll of the lessons in about 2 weeks and we saw lots of progress in him and lots of happiness in his wife and daughters. Gerardo started fasting and paying offerings before he was even baptized, and the day he was confirmed a member he faithfully paid his tithing. His baptism was such a spiritual experience and we were really able to feel the love of God and the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

We have seen a huge change in him, and when he came out of the water he told us that he wasnt expecting to feel a perceptible change, but he did and we have all seen and felt it too. It was a huge blessing to be part of this conversion, it may have taken 10 years for Gerardo to take the decision, but he did it, and he isnt turning back!

I know that the Lord is preparing people in all places and at all times, that we are only instruments in His hands and that if we do our part, He takes care of the rest.
Love you all so much!

con mucho amor 
Elder Poll

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Learning to be BOLD pic

Learning to be BOLD

Hello friends and family! This was a pretty good week with my new companion. We have been working really hard and having success. He is a good guy, we don't have much in common, but we are both missionaries and are both called to serve in Obrera and that has been enough for us to get along pretty well and keep working hard!

I cant believe that it is already Halloween.. time kind of just freezes in the mission, and after doing the same thing day after day you kind of forget about things like Holidays and things like that hah. I just hope I dont take an egg to the head last Halloween hahaha. I dont think so though, this little town is a lot calmer than Juárez haha. 

I dont have much to write about this week, we have been inviting lots of people to be baptized in the first lesson, and it has actually been working quite a bit. I kind of was scared to invite people to be baptized in the first lesson before, but the scripture Alma 38: 10-12 has really helped me.

10 And now, as ye have begun to teach the word even so I would that ye should continue to teach; and I would that ye would be diligent and temperate in all things.
11 See that ye are not lifted up unto pride; yea, see that ye do not boast in your own wisdom, nor of your much strength.
12 Use boldness, but not overbearance; and also see that ye bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love; see that ye refrain from idleness.
I have seen that the Holy Ghost really is the one who does all the work and prepares the hearts of the investigators, and that I really am only a tool that is being used in the hands of the Lord. I have really been able to feel His influence this week which is really rewarding as a missionary.

Here is a picture of Elder Soto´s last day here with Esbardo, one of our investigators.

con mucho amor

Elder Poll