Monday, February 19, 2018

Good Week

This was an awesome week. Yesterday was Stake Conference and we took 9 investigators with us. 

Saturday was my birthday and Zone Conference and I turned 20 and something even better was that the Area Presidency asked for all missionaries in Mexico to watch the movie Coco and we got to watch it on my birthday on the big screen in our chapel during our Zone Conference.. it was such a good movie.. I was legit about to cry like 5 times hahah my comp turned to me after and was like.. bro my eyes hurt from trying not to cry and I died laughing hahaha. I love this Elder Piña guy but I think that this is gonna our last week together because next week are transfers. 

We have been doing really well, I dont feel like I have much to say.. I remember that a year ago I made a joke about only having a girl mission left, and now I already finished a girl mission hahah that was easy ;) Just kidding.. I gotta give props to the sister missionaries, they baptize way more than we do haha they are beasts.

Anyways, love you guys and hope you have had a good week. 
Con mucho amor
Elder Poll

Monday, February 12, 2018

Even MORE Adventures!

So last week I wasnt able to write because our pday ends at 5 PM which is really only like a half pday but anyway we went on some adventures and got back kind of late so instead of writing we just got to work. 

It all started out bright and early and we went with the ward to clean the temple in Colonia Juarez. Which is literally the smallest temple on Earth and Elder Piña and I got to sweep and mop all of the bathrooms and laundry rooms and everything which was fun and actually my first time ever cleaning a temple so I had a good time.

 After that we went to a little town called Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, and decided to be archaeologists and started looking around for pieces of ancient pots and found some awesome pieces. 

After that we were surprised that the ruins of Paquime were open because they are never open on Monday but it was a Mexican Holiday so we were able to go in and walk around and go into the museum and it was awesome too. The ruins are from the year like 1150 AD and were abandoned in like 1450 AD. I will send lots of pictures. 

We have been doing alright in the Obra Misional... if we stay together next transfer we are gonna baptize like 10 people but I have already been here for like 6 months so I am pretty sure I am gonna get sent back to Juarez to finish my mission and wont be able to see these people get baptized, but I sure have loved planting the seed of their faith and their conversion.

Love you guys so much and I'll see you in 6 months... I cant believe I just said that.. it goes too fast. 

Con mucho amor
Elder Cade Poll

Monday, January 29, 2018

Pictures from Elder Kuri

My First 2 Weeks With Elder Pineapple Pic

My first 2 weeks with the Pineapple

So yeah Elder Piña means Elder Pineapple. This was a good week. I would like to pedirles una disculpa before anything because last week I straight up fogot to write a big email home hah.

I feel like I just say the same things over and over again but we really have been doing well together. I feel like I am just preaching the Gospel with one of my friends hah. It really is so much fun and I feel like we understand each other better and can help each other out more. 

We have a member in our ward named Brother Eder Ontiveros and he is the Church`s translator when the Prophet or Apostles come to Mexico, like when President Oaks visited us, he was the one who translated the talk from English to Spanish and would translate everything else from Spanish to English so that President Oaks could understand us. He was a Mission President of the Rosario Argentina mission in like 1996-99 and he has been accompanying us in lessons lately. He came with us to a lesson with a new family of 5 and yesterday he and his wife picked them up and brought them to church with us and have really been helping us a lot. 

We have been having lots of success together and should be expecting for some baptisms this next month of February.
Love you all have and have a good week!
Con mucho amor
Elder Poll